Colorado offers a competitive tax environment that rewards business investment and innovation.

Colorado enjoys the 9th best tax environment for entrepreneurship and small business amongst all states according to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council’s Business Tax Index for 2014.

The Facts on Colorado’s Tax Environment:

  • Individual Income Tax: Flat rate of 4.63% – 13th lowest among states levying an individual income tax.
  • Corporate Income Tax: Flat rate of 4.63% – 8th lowest among states levying a corporate income tax.
  • State Sales Tax: Colorado levies a 2.9% general sales tax on consumers – far below the national median rate of 5.95%
  • Property Taxes: See detailed information below as property tax assessments vary at the local level.
    From: Tax Foundation’s 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index

County and Municipal Sales Tax Rates:

The Eagle County Sales Tax Rate is 1.5 percent. 1% is allocated to general fund expenditures and capital projects and the other .5% of the tax was approved by Eagle County voters in 1996 for the sole purpose of improving and maintaining local trails and transit.

Municipal sales tax rates vary amongst Eagle County municipalities, with most rates set at 4%. Red Cliff and Gypsum offer the lowest rate for incorporated communities in the northern half of Eagle County at 3%. The communities of Edwards and EagleVail lie in unincorporated Eagle County and are subject only to county and state sales tax.

In 2017 voters of Eagle County approved a sales tax on retail marijuana and an excise tax on the sale or transfer of unprocessed retail marijuana. Eagle County began collecting this tax in January 2018, and the proceeds of these collections will be used to fund mental health and substance abuse services.

In 2019 Eagle County voters approved a sales tax on tobacco products. Eagle County began collecting this tax in January 2020.

Full details about local municipal sales tax structures are available by clicking on the community names listed below.

Red Cliff

Property Taxes Rates:

Property tax rates can vary at the local level based on where your property is located with certain communities and subdivisions.   Check below for information and resources to help you estimate property tax assessments for your business.

Eagle County Property Tax information for the 2019 Tax Year.

Learn more at the Eagle County Assessor’s Office or call 970-328-8640.

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