Because mountain living!

There’s not much mystery behind why people flock to the Vail Valley, but there is a magnetism. The draw of mountain life is enough to make long workday hours seem like a steady climb—especially when you spend happy hour riding the mountain.

Arts & Culture

The Vail Valley offers a diversity of cultural and educational activities suited for both locals and guests. Although we’re best known for our outdoor recreation, our cultural scene is top-notch, and offers access to theatre, music, arts, and educational experiences that enrich the soul and enliven the spirit.

Education & Schools

The Vail Valley is home to various educational institutions offering high quality learning environments and academic programming from Pre-K through 4-year post-secondary degree granting programs.

Housing, Real Estate, Cost of Living

Whether you make it your forever home or your home away from home, your dream of living in the Vail Valley can easily become a reality.

Health Care & Medical Services

From top medical specialists and physicians to first-class service, the Vail Valley is home to premier medical experts and world-class researchers who ensure the highest level of patient care.

Mountain Living

The Vail Valley is located in Eagle County, Colorado and offers ten unique community experiences to suit all sorts of people, businesses and lifestyles. The Vail Valley is home to two world-class ski resorts, a hospital, a community college, accessible and abundant arts and cultural opportunities, a regional airport and jet center, countless recreational opportunities, a vibrant tourism economy and much more.

The Vail Valley is a wonderful place to call home whether that’s year-round, seasonally or as a second home. Our unique mix of urban amenities and small town charm, coupled with a sizeable and globally-sourced tourism base, make the Vail Valley an ideal spot for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to craft the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

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Employment & Transportation

Like any climb, patience, planning, and determination is key.

Sports & Recreation

Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, climbing, biking, or hiking you seek, recreation is a way of life in the Vail Valley.

Seasonal Living

If you’re looking for a life filled with zero responsibilities and epic days on the mountain, bad news: you should’ve been a ski bum in 1972.

Community Resource Center

The Vail Valley is made up of many small communities, each as unique and diverse as the people who live there.

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