A Beautiful Blend of Work & Life

The Vail Valley offers a unique mixture of small town life, rural character, mountain living, and big city amenities, which creates a “just right” quality of life balance that even Goldilocks would appreciate. But our story is no fairy tale; our communities hold real opportunity for hard-working entrepreneurs, business owners and employees determined to live out the lives of their dreams in the mountains of Colorado.

Not surprisingly, here at Vail Valley Economic Development (VVED), we believe that quality of life begins with a good job. As such, we’re here to assist Eagle County residents and communities in deciding what they want, identifying desired results, and balancing tradeoffs to achieve business success.


The Vail Valley offers an ever-expanding landscape of services for internet and cable. Our remote location isn't that remote with travel accessibility via land and air.


Colorado offers a competitive tax environment that rewards business investment and innovation.


A number of our local communities offer programs that incentivize local business expansion and growth, help fill vacant retail space or assist businesses in relocating to valley.


People who choose to be here to make life that they want to live. And those that are willing to work hard to keep it that way.

Location, Location, Location

Our central location along the state’s primary east-west transportation corridor (I-70) is a key advantage to Vail Valley businesses. I-70 provides convenient access to Colorado’s major Denver/Front Range metropolitan communities, as well as to Grand Junction and other major Western Slope communities.

This relative proximity to major metropolitan areas has contributed greatly to our popularity as a mountain recreation destination and gives local companies direct access to thousands of potential customers from across Colorado. Add in Eagle County Regional Airport, with its quick connections to cities around the globe and our high quality (and ever improving) telecommunications infrastructure, and the Vail Valley customer base truly extends around the world.

New or Relocating Business Tips

We’ve compiled a list of key regulatory and commercial real estate questions to help get you started. These questions obviously don’t cover every possible situation you’ll encounter, but they’ll get you thinking.

Chamber & Networking Info

The Vail Valley is home to a variety of community chambers and sector-specific trade associations that work both independently and collaboratively to add value and vibrancy to the Vail Valley business community.

Business Education & Mentorship

Whether you’re a seasoned business professional new to the Valley, or are new to entrepreneurship altogether, the Vail Valley offers a tightly-knit group of professionals ready and willing to help you transition into and commit to doing business in the mountains.

Capital & Financing Resources

Wondering how to fund your Colorado business venture? It’s certainly a factor to consider. Before diving in, be sure to survey your options and create a financial road-map that can adequately weather the peaks and valleys of owning a business in Eagle County.

Business Case Studies

Slifer Designs

I saw a need and provided a service. I started small and grew from there. The past 30 years have seen highs and lows but there is no other place I would want to live and work. Professionals and non-professionals are dedicated, highly educated and motivated to stay in the Vail Valley for the extraordinary life style.

SayNoMore! Promotions

The combination of a loyal local customer base, adequate technology and a busy regional airport all combine to create an environment that allows us to run our business successfully both locally and nationally.

Intercept Insight

For Intercept Insight, it isn’t about trying to sell our services— it is about showing the community what is and can be available to help move forward in a direction that supports business, yet maintains the lifestyles the Vail Valley offers.

Allegory Studios

Living in the resort community is not a permission slip to slack off. You will likely have to work harder at keeping up with cultural shifts in your industry and the world at large. Find ways to stay on the edge of your game through professional groups, blogs, conferences, partnerships and more.


Not only does Vail Valley have wonderful scenery, tons of activities and world class ski resorts with a thriving tourist economy, we found its a wonderful community to be a part of.  After 25 years of running our business in Vail Valley, we could not imagine being anywhere else.

Crazy Mountain Brewery

The sheer number of tourists that come through here offers a wide of array of advantages, ranging from sheer sales volume to nationwide exposure. The local community, however, has probably been the most significant advantage for us up to this point. They have fiercely supported our company.


I owe our success to being in the right place at the right time, figuring out how to say yes to opportunity, persistence, perseverance, always looking ahead and around the corner for trends in the Valley and in our industry, and taking appropriate risks.