If you’re looking for a life filled with zero responsibilities and epic days on the mountain, bad news: you should’ve been a ski bum in 1972.

Today’s seasonal ski-town employees still get in their powder days, but “the lifestyle” has changed as our economy has grown. If you’re retired, enjoy it! If you’re looking for a season of ski bumming, keep in mind that today’s successful ski bums work as hard as they play.

Housing availability in the Vail Valley varies between the seasons. During the winter months, housing can be hard to come by, so your best strategy is to plan ahead.

Best places to search for seasonal housing:

Or contact local apartment complexes directly:

Best places to search for seasonal employment:

  • The Vail Daily Classifieds (online or in print)
  • High Country Jobs
  • Mountain Jobs
  • Vail Resorts
  • Vail Valley Partnership Business Directory
  • Phone Book: Wait, what’s a phone book? Jokes aside, the yellow pages, like the VVP’s Online Business Directory, can give you a good sense of the kinds of businesses the Vail Valley has to offer. Contact those that interest you or send a resume.
  • Temp work: Consider working for a local temp agency. The work may not be consistent, but it can get you started.

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