Economic vitality and community resilience is a team effort. Local businesses, governments and residents must all play an active and ongoing role in positively influencing economic change.

The Eagle County Economic Development Plan serves as Eagle County’s road-map toward long-term economic vitality. Designed to supplement and support municipal level economic development efforts, the plan provides a tie to countywide, regional, and state-level business development activities.

This plan is founded upon a guiding principle of “Community Sustainability” in the pursuit of our economic development objectives.  This principle states that the decisions, policies and programs that we pursue in the implementation of this plan should aim to create outcomes that are economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially acceptable.

Vail Valley Economic Development provides leadership, coordination and communication amongst various local partners to achieve the 5 core objectives of the Eagle County Economic Development Plan:

  • Build a Business-Friendly Eagle County
  • Market the Vail Valley Business Brand
  • Retain, Grow, and Recruit Businesses
  • Support our Opportunity Segments
  • Provide Support for a Quality Workforce