Business Planning Made Easy

The U.S. Census Bureau has launched a new tool called the Census Business Builder that makes it easy for small business owners to easily navigate to and use key demographic and economic data to simplify your business planning.

The Census Business Builder: Small Business Edition is designed to primarily meet the needs of business-to-consumer businesses who are looking open their first business or expand their existing business into other geographic areas (like right here in Eagle, County!).

The tool provides quick and easy access to only the most recent and relevant data for 39 key statistics from two sources and four data programs.  The tool also provides key information for 49 business types grouped into 6 broad categories: Construction, Food Services, Health Care, Personal Services, Professional Services,  & Retail.

Key info includes:
Demographic, Economic and Housing Characteristics, County-Level Business Patterns, Non-employer Statistics, Economic Census, and 2015 Consumer Spending Data.

The tool is available through Vail Valley Economic Development’s Business Education & Mentorship Resources page.