Colorado economic forecast

The latest release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Colorado has an unemployment rate of 3.4%, compared to 3.6% for the U.S. At the current rate, through 4 months, the state is on track to add 49,400 jobs in 2019. The best way to describe the economy is boring. The good news is that boring, steady, manageable growth is a good thing.

In addition, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released Colorado real GDP data for 2018. As expected, Colorado’s real GDP for 2018 grew at a faster pace than the U.S., 3.4% vs. 2.9%. Additional data shows that both the U.S. and Colorado economies are on solid footing. For more details check out the Review of Colorado Economy – Update Through April 2019. In addition, the 2018 forecast can be accessed by clicking here.