2018 Colorado Economic Forecast

Steady – That word most accurately describes the 2018 Colorado economic forecast.

After adding jobs at a rate of 2.2% in both 2016 and 2017, Colorado will add jobs at a rate of 2.0% in 2018. There have been a few bumps along the way, but three years of job growth in the range of 2.0% to 2.2% can only be described as steady!

The Colorado economy is a happening place and there are a lot of moving parts. A few of the things to watch for in 2018 are:

  • Health care will add the most jobs
  • Unemployment is too low
  • Vehicle sales are strong
  • Wage growth is weak
  • DIA has a record number of passengers
  • Net migration is strong
  • Inflation is out of sight
  • Record oil production
  • Ski areas were late getting snow
  • There will be no recession – this year
  • To top it off, the 71st General Assembly is off to the races.

For the most part, the 2018 economy is going to be a steady story.

For more details go to the website or click here. You will have the option of looking at an abbreviated forecast or the forecast with all the details.

For additional economic information about the Colorado economy go to  Best wishes for a steady 2018!