Mountain Sports Networking Event at University of Colorado – Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder ​is holding a mountain sports networking event on Oct. 10, from 4–7pm, on the CU Boulder campus. This will be a small career/networking fair with a focus on mountain sports and the outdoor, tourism and recreation industries.

Attendees will meet and network with talented CU Boulder students and alumni, and will be encouraged to share personal industry knowledge that may help them in pursuing their future endeavors. This is an opportunity to connect with those who have indicated that professional opportunities in these industries are among their top choices — and to promote your own organization across campus.

The cost to participate as a non-profit employer is $100. The event will be focused on networking; current hiring opportunities are not required.

If you would like more information or are interested in attending, please contact Jake Jedamus-Denu at Jacob.Jedamus-denu@Colorado.EDU.

Registration will open later this month and informative emails will be sent to those who are interested.