There are niches in our Valley that aren’t in other places, and that is where people can use their skills

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Community: Gypsum

Describe your success story.

Our success story is like many others here in the Valley. And by that, I mean that we are in a constant struggle with success. Between the recession, cost of living, and transient labor force, there are constant challenges to being a small business owner. We work our business every day. Almost always, if you call the office, Dave is there. Every day we try to be smarter about how we work, solve problems and issues that come up, and try to not make the same mistake twice. But mostly, we are customer satisfaction-driven. There really isn’t anything else. We try to never say no, and we always deliver on our promises. Oh, and if we do have a misstep, we try to solve it immediately. It also doesn’t hurt that most people are celebrating something when they call us, but that is the nature of our business.

Why did you choose to do business in the Vail Valley?

Dave is originally from Chicago, and Rachel is from Cincinnati, but once we moved to the Vail Valley, we knew it was a great place to be. Rachel has lived here for 22 years, and Dave and his family have had a home here since he was 2. In 2005 we were looking for an opportunity that would keep us in the Valley and provide us with a secure future. Both of us had experience in the service industry and Rachel had experience with the event industry. An opportunity to purchase Alpine Party Rentals came available and it seemed to be a good fit for us and for our future plans. The Vail Valley and surrounding areas seemed then, and still now, an area of opportunity for small to medium sized businesses with a focus on serving not only our out of town guests, but also our local population as well.

What are the advantages of doing business here?

Dave has always felt that the Vail Valley is a small-scale representation of large cities across America. People from all over, with a vast variety of experiences, visit our area for fun and recreation. They come here for all of the wonderful things we offer, like skiing, mountains, and summer fun. Even though they come here for something different, they also crave to have “all the conveniences of home.” Here is the challenge for our community. Can we provide them with what they love about the Vail Valley AND also the conveniences of home? That’s where the opportunity lies. There are niches in our Valley that aren’t in other places, and that is where people can use their skills and love of our mountain environment to provide goods and services to visitors and locals.

What advice would you give to someone entering our mountain economy?

Service. Service. Service. All of the usual business rules apply, but here especially, service is the key. A no stress experience is what people want, and it is our job to provide it. In our small community, bad experiences spread like wildfire. There is no room for that to begin with, and certainly not enough population support to continue with it.

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